Our vacancies

Our expectations
  1.  Master’s degree in analytical fields such as statistics, data science, computer science, economics, mathematics or physics.
  2.   5 years of work experience. (Maybe either Education or work experience)
  3.  Strong data analysis skills.  Experience in NLP, deep learning, large language models and predictive analytics.  
  4. Knows the “ins and outs” of ML models and can troubleshoot as needed. Experience in the field of information retrieval, relevance optimization, entity recognition and recommendation systems is preferred.
  5.  Strong programming skills (Python and/or R) and experience working with relevant libraries and frameworks.
  6. Knowledge in the field of software development is desirable for publishing prototypes and Data Science applications (Docker, FastAPI, Javascript/Vue.js/React, Streamlit, etc.).  
  7. Experience using collaboration platforms (Github, Google Colab, and others).               
  1.  The need for relocation (in more detail to the candidate)
  2.  After passing the probation period!6 months !relocation to the company’s office in the USA (Green Card Sponsor)
  3.  100% White salary+ relocation compensation.  Paid vacation
  4.  The company pays for the training
  5.   100 % VMI + for family + life insurance+ travel insurance+ disability insurance Bright corporate life
  6.  Turquoise company, open corporate culture