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About Us​

ITGLOBALANGEL -Global Tech full-lifecycle support platform for founders. The company was founded in 2016 in Tel Aviv, by an international team experts.  ITGLOBALANGEL  has offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona.              

We help companies to properly unlock their potential through the synergy of three main components:

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Human Resource

Our marketplace of Tech experts from all over the world contains +125.000 CV.We help companies to build effective HR processes.We have high expertise in DATA (BI & Big Data,AI)

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Sales, Lead generation, scaling of the company.

We provide the best service in generating Leads and customers, increasing visibility in the local and global market

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Software development

Our innovative approach to the development of IT products helps to create solutions that meet the needs of customers.We have extensive expertise in the field of data and cloud solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to help founders create successful startups and achieve maximum success in their industries.
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Our Clients

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Why Choose Us

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The presence of offices in Europe provides convenient access to us for our clients and partners.

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Our company creates its Artificial Intelligence products, which enables our customers to use the most advanced technologies for business automation.

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We offer a team of highly qualified developers who are able to create solutions of a high level of complexity, often in the shortest possible time.

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We practice a flexible approach and offer a solution most suitable for their individual needs of each client.